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Successful completion of  MSc   Student requirements :

To successfully complete our MSc Computer Science Program a student is required to:

a)      Succeed in ten (10) courses of the program., where each course is equivalent to 6 ECTS units.

b)      Conduct a diploma thesis, equivalent to 15 ECTS units. Τhe thesis is research oriented, and it is assigned to the student, at the latest, at the end of the second semester of the student 's studies.

Each course includes thirteen (13) weekly three hour lectures. The student 's absence in4 or more lectures impliesfailure in that specific course.

Failure in two (2) courses is allowed.


• Failure in an obligatory course of the first semester means that the student must attend again the same course on the third semester of studies and re-take the examination.
• For each failure in an elective course there is the possibility of enrollment in another elective course, or if the failure involves an elective course which the student attended during the first year, the student can alternatively be re-examined during the second year after re-attending the course.

There is no possibility of extending the total duration of studies if the student has not met the requirements concerning the courses and thesis at the end of the third semester of his studies.

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