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The Program

The courses of the postgraduate program for computer science are divided into required and elective courses.

All the required courses are attended during the 1st semester of studies, with the exception of research methodology seminar, which is delivered in the 2nd semester.

Below you will see an indicative distribution of courses per category and per semester.

1st semester

  Theory and Fundamentals of Database Systems
  Computer Networks
  Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  Distributed Systems: Theory and Practice

2nd semester
  Research Methodology Seminar •
  M.Sc Thesis Selection

2nd semester - elective courses (4 courses)
  Network Economics
  Economics and Informatics
  Advanced Topics of Database Systems
  Wireless and Mobile Communications
  Scientific computing
  Laboratory on Networks and Security
  Topics on Communication Technologies and Regulation
  Information Retrieval
  Information Theory
  Performance Analysis of Networks and Systems
  Advanced Computer Graphics
  Language Technology
  Machine Learning

3nd semester-elective courses (2 courses)
  Special Topics in Computer Science
  Topics in Multimedia Systems

3nd semester - thesis (obligatory)
  Elaboration, composition and examination of a postgraduate thesis.

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