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Areas of Specialization
The Program

Areas of Specialization

Our MSc program offers the following six areas of specialization

  • Foundations of Computer Science
  • Computer and communication Networks
  • Databases and Data management
  • Informatics and Commutations Economics
  • Network and computer security
  • Computer Science Applications

Elective courses cover in the above mentioned fields  as shown in the table.

  • Requirements for Completing the Program
  • To graduate a student must have successfully completed six (6) elective courses in addition to the required courses
  • The completion of a field of specialization is not compulsory
  • To complete one area of specialization the student is required to successfully complete three (3) elective course included in the specialization area.
  • For the completion of two areas of specialization the successful completion of six (6) of their courses is required, maintaining simultaneously the above mentioned restriction.

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