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Program Goals

Program Goals

Program Goals

The MSc Program in Computer Science aims to provide solid knowledge to students in cutting-edge areas of Computer Science and to develop their ability to conduct research so that they are ready to continue with their Ph.D. studies in the Department or elsewhere and to solicit positions where strong qualifications are needed.

The Program focuses on the following areas:

a)     Artificial Intelligence

b)     Computer Systems

c)     Networks and Telecommunications

d)     Theoretical Computer Science

The distinguishing characteristics of the program are:

  • 1.   Emphasis on research and on teaching how this is conducted in Computer Science, with a view towards Ph.D. research.
  • 2.   Large variety of elective courses in cutting-edge areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Networked Computer Systems (IoT, 5G, Cloud, Blockchains), and the theoretical foundations of Computer Science.
  • 3.   Program completion in 12 months.
  • 4.   Free program.
  • 5.   Research collaborations and participation of students in research projects.
  • 6.   Flexibility in studies with the various possibilities for personalized program of study for each student.
  • 7.   Continuously evaluated and evolving program of study.


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