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Master of Science in Computer Science

We welcome you to the website of the MSc Program in Computer Science!
Founded in 2002, it aims to provide a solid background in Computer Science fundamentals,
combining an introduction to modern theory and technology trends, practical training and
participation of it's students in cutting edge research.
About the Program
We aim to promote research in both MSc and Phd level.
Our students participate in top European Research Programs.
The program is constantly evaluated and the courses are evolving each year.
We offer a vast variety of elective courses depending on the current trends in computer science.
The program combine computer science theory and practical training in software development
All students can use of our fully equipped computer science lab that has more than 30 workstations available.
All students have access to the University library that offers a vast variety of books.
Our program offers assistance to students and alumni in order to explore their career options.
Application Deadline 2017
Sping Semester 2017 Timetable
Fall Semester 2016 Courses Timetable
Application Deadline 2016
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Whoever realizes that this program is not only a next step after his bachelor or an extra line in his cv, but searches persistently within the program to find his research interests and people that can offer guidance and inspiration, the he acquires a huge asset for his future.

Stratos Dimopoulos, Graduate 2005-2006, Phd Student, University of California
As a student of this program I acquired significant knowledge in all the basics fields of Computer Science, that were the basis for my following career. Within the MSc Program I was involved in research and that lead to my Thesis being published in a International convention. I think that the most important aspect was gaining the skills that helped me proceed in getting my Phd later on.

Katsaros Konstantinos, Graduate 2003-2004, Researcher, University College, London
This program formed my way of thought and how I work. It provide me with the necessary background to proceed dynamically in my career in the Informatics industry.

Soukera Eva , Graduate-2004-2005, Technical Writer, Roche Diagnostics, Bassel, Switzerland
During my studies I acquired the necessary knowledge in the field of computer science and deepen my knowledge in specific fields of choice. I also got the chance to works in various research fields and choose the ones that interested me more.

Giorgio Lucarelli, Graduate 2003-2004, LIP6 Researcher, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
In a competive business world like ours, where demand for proven knowledge and expertise are rising, a MSc Program like this can offer a candidate the background needed to excel in Greece and Internationally

Georgia Plakia, Graduate 2007-2008, Software Engineer ASC Telekom
The MSc in Computer Science, helped me become accustomed to scientific literature and understand the goals and methods of Research. It provided me with a solid background in computer science areas such as algorithms, data bases, networks, economic theory and computational system design.

Dimitrios Andos, Graduate 2008-2009, Technical Solutions Engineer, Google
AUEB - M.Sc. in Computer Science
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